Saturday, December 29, 2012

Scribbling and playing around to find ideas

I was unable to sleep.
There were origami paper on the table and I did not want to do origami at the moment.
So I scribbled.
I started with one line, then another line, then more small short lines. From there I got the idea of a winter tree.
Then I was tired of lines only and therefore added some big black round dots. This brought me the memory of winter persimon tree in Beijing.

I browsed through Pinterest, and found one idea of wax crayon drawing then watercolor. That looked a doable project for my younger students. I wanted to try immediately.
I looked around in the rented winter chalet in Tahoe. There were candles. I scribbled.

I do not have color, Then I found some black tea.

It comes out a success, in the sense of methodology, not aesthetic I am afraid.

When I do this in class, I will used liquid watercolor and already diluted.
Maybe I should give them thicker and condensed color and let the students figure out by themselves what works and what not.

I kept on drifting with my aimless thoughts. Folding paper, cutting edge, and cutting shape before or after cutting, gluing. Here are some primitive ideas.

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