Friday, September 28, 2012

Doolle and scribble with a story


I like the class of scribbling and doodling. May it be called zentangle, zendoodle or zendala. When I showed students the sample works, they all wowed by the details as well as intimated by the complication of them.
Then I usually started to tell them a story, like this.
Kid did not know how to paint, teacher said, put a dot, he put a dot,
teacher said, put a circle, he put a circle.
then, a triangle, a swirl, a square, a line, a curve, etc.
Kid finished them all.
The teacher said, 10 dots, 20 circles, 30 triangles, 40 squares, 50 lines and 60 curves, etc
Then he got this most beautiful drawing.

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