Friday, September 28, 2012

Doolle and scribble with a story


I like the class of scribbling and doodling. May it be called zentangle, zendoodle or zendala. When I showed students the sample works, they all wowed by the details as well as intimated by the complication of them.
Then I usually started to tell them a story, like this.
Kid did not know how to paint, teacher said, put a dot, he put a dot,
teacher said, put a circle, he put a circle.
then, a triangle, a swirl, a square, a line, a curve, etc.
Kid finished them all.
The teacher said, 10 dots, 20 circles, 30 triangles, 40 squares, 50 lines and 60 curves, etc
Then he got this most beautiful drawing.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Drawing is the basic or the most fundamental skill in art. It is the most simply yet the most sophisticate. I love the depth of the black and white work, so much inside, indeed.

This one was done on the camping trip in Memorial Park.

Done in the plain from SFO to Chicago.

Done in the plain from SFO to Chicago.

Done in the plain from SFO to Chicago.

Done in the plain from SFO to Chicago.

Add cDone in the plain from SFO to Chicago

Done in the plain from SFO to Chicago.

Inspired by Paul Klee, Robert Delaunay

I wanted to do some abstract and free style painting/drawing/coloring in class. So I showed some images of Paul Klee and Robert Delaunay.

I think the result is quite astray from the original source. As usual.

Here is the images from google search:

Paul Klee: 

Robert Delaunay

Friday, September 7, 2012

City - buildings

This year the arts night theme is urban art, View of the city, so I will do some buildings painting.

I originally thought just do some building painitng, but to my happy surprise, students made them looks very 3D. So, we put this city view into perspective. 5th grade did wonder. Quietly painting without talking. I was very impressed. They inspired and helped me to make this class much profound.