Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dot or not to dot, this is a question

I remember in yesterday's art class, I give students paper. Some were not happy because the paper were not clean, with some crayon or pastel trace. I changed then all went well.

What should I do with those paper?

Yesterday's tree of life did not turn out well for the lower graders. I realize that drawing/coloring or anything using their hands and patience is a big deal. So I wanted to improve it.

I took the tinny tiny bit dirty paper, scribble scrabble all over with green, dark green, lemon green (all available at that moment) and some blue and purple. Then I paint tempera on top of it.

At the end, I added a few dots. Because it was inspired by the tree of life of Gustav Klimt. It got to be decorative. So I added the dots.

Finally, Dot or not dot, this is a question.

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