Sunday, April 8, 2012


I saw a picture on my friend's face book page. It looked poetic.

So I did this. The title is added later, after seeing the painting.
pond, spring water, falling flower, scattered of red


  1. It's a very lovely picture... it's very impressionistic. Do you consider this work to be a hybrid between your classic Chinese art upbringing and a more Western approach? I say "Western" mostly because you seem to be using more Western paints (instead of traditional Chinese color).

    Could you comment on the differences (and similarities) between the two traditions?

  2. Thank you for taking it so seriously. Actually I use acrylic because I got some paints and I want to finish them.
    Regardless of the tradition, painting is a personal thing. It does not matter how other people see and think, unless you have other intention.
    Please excuse me if I disappoint you.